Why is bacon really bad- its not just the fat

We all know that bacon is one of the most delicious thing you can eat with almost everything. Eating bacon is very common in America but many people don’t realize how bad it is.

Bacon is mostly fat that makes it taste even better. Most people eat it with eggs, sandwiches, and even on donuts! 

In order to understand how bad it is, we need to understand how its made:

It is a piece of meat that we take from the belly of the pig. In order to become bacon, it has to be cured wich consist of lots of salt in a brine or by dry packing. Bacon may then be dried for weeks or ir may be boiled or smoked. All bacon must be cooked for consumption so how is this bad?

Well it all starts with the salt. Not only are you consuming a big amount of salt, but you are also consuming nitrates, which are used for preservation.

Lets go back a little to the curing process and see how this affects us. When ever you put all that amount of salt, you need to also put curing salt (which is a nitrate and in large consumption it can be deadly). When you consume nitrates, the transform into nitrites that can cause cancer. It is constantly being researched that scientist have found it to also activate when the bacon is cooked. There many reseach about bacon but the main idea is that it can be very harmfull if it is consumed very often.

There are many more reasons as why bacon is bad such as the saturated fats, sodium, bacteria (if un cured/cooked), curing salt, and many other reasons. So next time you are thinking about delicious bacon, make consume it in moderation.


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  1. kunstkitchen says:

    Thanks for the update on bacon. Nitrates are bad news.

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