FOOD: Fun facts that seem lies.

I cannot help it. I have to share it all. Im up to the point where i have annoyed people with my culinary knowledge (lol). So its time to write it down. Some of these fact might not sound true,but they are. Enjoy!


1. Ice burg lettuce has one calorie.

2. Lobsters can live for a very long time. (Some people think they are immortal)

3. Avocado plants take about 3-5 years to grow. Avocados can take 8-15 years to grow.

4.Sausage linings (the skin that keeps shape) come from animal intestines.

5. Chicharrones are made from pork skins. They are fried.

6. Cheese is made from spoiled milk.

7. Cheese is better with fungus.

8. If you eat a lot of tarragon, it will numb your mouth.

9. About 75% of the olive oil you find in stores aren’t really olive oil.

10. The red coloring we see in candy such as skittles, are color by cochineal bugs.

11. Chocolate once was used as currency.

12. Cashews are poisonous if eaten raw.

13. Asparagus are the stems of flowers. The flowers are very poisonous.

14. One fast food burger may contain meat from 100 different cows.

15. Honey is made from nectar and bee vomit.


Wont look at food the same way?


Picture; Taken outside of The culinary Institute of  America as i ran out of basil and went out to our school garden to take some. It was raining at the time so it brought more color to my pictures.

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