Moved to Italy knowing 4 WORDS- mop being one of them.

Cafe ( coffee) , Ragazza (girl) , Grazie (thank you) , Mocio (mop)

were probably the only words i knew when i decided to move to Italy for an internship. My logic behind this was that obviously there was someone that was going to speak English if this is being offered at my school. I was wrong! The only person that helped me trough the process and spoke English was not even there :0 but again, i was also there for the challenge.

Moving to a new country, or even a new city has it challenges. I came across so many things that i didn’t expect to be different than what i was used to. Traveling to a new place is one thing, but living there is way different. I had to learn to do the simplest things, like trying to communicate and learning how to eat. I learned how to survive of off coffee and to do the same things my classmates did. It was a new world and i was alone. I felt helpless.

As days went by i began to make friends and get used to the culture. I slowly began to be part of one of the best places in the world. I learned to live like an Italian and it was amazing. The people were the friendliest i have ever met and the food was delicious. I made great memories and the struggle was worth it. I met great people and i learned so much of other cultures and the most important thing – food.

i traveled to new cities and gained so much knowledge.

Meet amazing chefs, went to a chocolate convention, ended up on top of a mountain and went to my first Michelin star restaurant.

Sometimes we have to go out of our comfort zones to have a new intake in life. Don’t stay in your comfort zone and just let time pass by. If you ever have a chance to experience life in a new way- do it!

Take the trip, eat the food, buy the shirt you always wanted, hell! go skydiving!!

Piazza Roma

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