KITCHEN FAILS – true story

I have a love for food. I have always had it. Going to culinary school has been one of the best decisions of my life. Even though it doesn’t look hard, it sure its not a cup of tea. Coming up with great food and having your chef complement it is the most amazing feelings ever. But its not always happy endings.

I was on my first semester of culinary school. I had just finished the basics and now it was time for a test. I had to share a kitchen with two other people and we had a timeline to get everything done in two hours. We had to do a soup and an entree, luckily i had gotten broccoli soup and chicken fines, my favorite.

The soup took me about and hour an a half to make. It was the perfect consistency and the color was a medium green color. All i had to do was strain it and add my cream. because i was sharing with other people, time really snuck in at us. We were all trying to make our soups and get our food going . My entree was done and all i had was finish my soup. i was busy getting my food on my plate and had forgotten about my soup. I still had 10 min left on it and time was really close. In the middle of the chaos i decided to strain my soup. I was in a rush that i accidentally strained my soup in the sink. I know what you are thinking- like why would you do that?. Well at the moment it looked logical i guess lol. I realized half way trough it so i was able to safe some. It was not enough for one servings so i eventually ended up failing that part of the test.

I was asked by my chef why i had so little soup on my bowl and as i told him, he just broke down laughing.

From that day on, i make sure i don’t do anything close to the sink.




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