Sexual harassment is real – Story time

 Hello everyone thank you for stopping by!

I would like to tell you a story of sexual harassment and how i became aware of it.

As you may know i am a current student at a culinary school. I have been in the food industry for about 8  years. I was not really aware that it was happening to me until it happened to me.
The problem starts simply because i am a girl. Being a girl in the kitchen is one of the hardest thing because you have to deal with comments like

“You are a girl”

” Salad station is for girls”

“Ill get paid more than you anyways”

“Delicate flower”

“carry it, don’t you want to be treated equal”

And so on….

Aside from these comments, there are some that just simply cross the line in so many ways.

On my first semester, i was able to witness girls getting hit with towels on their butts. No one ever did anything about this but i assumed they would.I simply ignored the fact that this was happening and continued with my day.

The second time i witnessed sexual harassment, was when one of my friends, lets call her sarah, left culinary school because she couldn’t handle it- she had enough. Her love for food became a bitter liking and decided to leave( trust me, it happens to all of us more than once to do this) She was doing her internship with another classmate and spent most of her time with him. Lets call him “Tim”. After a couple of weeks, this guy began to lose boundaries and began to do some very uncomfortable things. Tim would pass and she would be afraid to say anything. She was not able to open up about all the things that happened to her but you can tell they were horrible. After she left, i started noticing things about Tim. I ignored it and just kept it at the back of my head.

The third time, it was to me. I was in class and Tim made a sexual comment toward me while i was talking to my teacher. My teacher had walked away so she was unable to hear him. It was a very disturbing comment. I felt humiliated. I felt that i was not respected by someone that was around me all the time and felt like i didn’t deserve that. I have always respected everyone and I’m the type of person that is afraid to say bad words. That gives you and idea that i did not even give him a reason to talk to me like that.

I know that some of you might think that i am exaggerating and that i should of just ignored him but how can i? It offended me but it is not the end of the  world. It bother me because what is i was another Sara, What if there’s another girl that is sexually harassed and because it was ignored, she get rapped, or worse, killed.
It time to get the word out and make sure it is stopped.
We all deserve a healthy work environment.


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  1. Niteshkumar says:

    That is really bad and hate such people….
    I sometimes just think…. How some people can even think some worst things about others… Also who gives them the authority to harass and as you said hit them with towels.

    In many countries govt. has started a 24 hrs Helpline for girls on which they can complain about such harassment and immediately police comes for their safety.


    1. It just amazes me how people don’t think this is a big deal (people that do it) like what makes someone think that is okay! This issue upsets me and i am glad there are other people that see how wrong this is. Will definitely look into this help line and spread the word!

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  2. ssugardust says:

    I’m only in my first semester of culinary school and have witnessed sexual harassment. There’s a guy who makes inappropriate comments all the time in the kitchens and sometimes he makes them towards me. I told my teacher, but I don’t know if it’ll stop. He always does it when the teacher leaves, too. One day we made breads and he said “You gotta smack it… like a soft ass.” And then slapped the bread. Like, really?? If he’s still doing this behavior and talking like that this week, I’m definitely not staying quiet. I avoid being around him at all costs, but it’s hard when you share a small kitchen together. I also noticed other men being annoyed by him, so I might talk yo them about it, too. He makes me uncomfortable. If it’s like that again this week, I’m telling the teacher and my husband. My husband already knows this guy flirts with me, but I didn’t tell him about the sexual jokes yet.

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    1. Yes, it get out of control. I have tried talking to this guy and tell him that i don’t like it and he apologizes and does it again. I told my teacher and all she said was “ill keep him away from you” but it just doesn’t seem to work. Im really considering going and talking to an administrator about this. He has to be stoped. These people need to learn how to be respectful. Someone has to stop him.


      1. ssugardust says:

        I hope you get this resolved. Please be safe and stay around people you are comfortable with. Have them walk you to your car if you need to. Just stay alert and do what you have to do to get this resolved.

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  3. I had a friend recently quit her food industry job because she had had enough of the sexist comments (the last one being about how this was “training for her to become a housewife” — she’s in a linguistics masters program. I’m so sorry that this is what you’re going through!

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    1. That is horrible! It really doesn’t seem like a big deal but after a few comments like that its very annoying. Such an amazing industry and there are people messing it up for us.

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