Being a chef is not a real job / STORY TIME

When i was in business school, i realized i was not happy. I felt like i was not doing anything with my life and that i needed to do something else.

All of the sudden, my coffee mug became more interesting than my classes and i couldn’t wait to go eat lunch. One day, during dinner with my boyfriend, we started laughing at how i couldn’t cook even though i love food. I reminded me how i burned many things and we just laugh all night. Then, we paused and i told him that i wanted to learn to to ” really” cook. With all seriousness he looked up to me and said ” well why don’t you go to culinary school? I laugh and in the middle of my laugh, it didn’t sound like a bad idea.

The next day i enrolled and a few years later i have graduated from : The Culinary Institute of America. Just like that i changed my life and i am completely in love with it.

Duning my two years, i had to over come many challenges.
I remember being stop by a cop for speeding ( rushing to class) and after i explained the situation he said the few words i needed to hear ” Your a chef? i wanted to be a chef but i decided to get a real job instead”.

My dream was shattered.

i didn’t know it then, but this is exactly what i needed to hear. For some reason my career was not a real job and again i felt like my life was going no where. My days went by and i always felt that i needed to prove to everyone that my career was a real career. I tough about it so much and beat my self down for changing what could of been a great business career for working in a kitchen. Then it hit me!

” it is not the career that you choose, but what you do with it”

Everyone expects you to study something that will give you lots of money such as doctor, or lawyer. If that was the case, we wouldn’t have many successful people besides them. I have a friend that he gave up his career to draw and he is now in New York working for a company that pays him lots of money to draw.


Dont let anyone tell you how your career will not lead you to success. If you really want it, you will find new ways to do things and you will stand out. All you have to do is trust yourself and success will eventually come.

So whatever it is, make sure you do it with your heart. Success is for everyone and if you love what you do, it will come.

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  1. I love this post! Following your heart is definitely a good motto!

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